Chemsearch has served over 90 years as a leader in industrial maintenance and lubrication.

Founder Milton P. Levy Sr. recognized a business opportunity in the growing demand for specialty maintenance products, and started National Disinfectant Company in 1919. As markets changed, so did the needs of the customer. Chemsearch eventually grew to offer a full line of industrial maintenance products. Through the years, the Chemsearch philosophy has remained the same: provide customers superior products and services.


We offer over 450 superior quality products to customers in 55 countries around the world.

Through highly trained local representatives, Chemsearch customers receive patented technologies and the highest quality lubrication and industrial maintenance products.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing in the United States.

With four strategically-located manufacturing facilities, Chemsearch can minimize delivery times to quickly meet your needs.


Chemsearch offers a variety of products to improve equipment reliability and reduce downtime:

Lubricants, Industrial Specialty Solvents, Fleet Maintenance Products. Patching Compounds, Skin Care, Parts Washing, Fuel Treatment, Degreasers

Personal Attention from Local Reps:

Field Engineers, Lab Support, 24/7 Emergency Response, and Reliability Studies Chemsearch is proud to meet or exceed the standards for OSHA, FDA, EPA, ISO, ASTM

Chemsearch Offers a full line of specialty lubrication products including:

Solid Lubrication, Fluid Lubrication, Aerosol Specialty Lubricants